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Our filmmakers, the ones who lift ideas from foreign films, are on sure ground as long as the lifted portions are on, when they add their own two-bit, the result is a comedy-melodrama mish-mash like Heyy Babyy — the basic idea of which is borrowed from Three Men and a Baby, which itself was a remake of a French film. In bad taste though it is, the initial portion when three philandering bachelors (introduced with a dance number with several leading ladies) make dismal attempts to look after a toddler (Johaina — adorable dimpled cherub) left at their door, has moments of humour. The three then attempt to find the child’s mother, so that they can determine which of the three is the father — Aroush (Akshay Kumar), Ali (Fardeen Khan) or Tanmay (Ritiesh) — when a simple DNA test would do. But then this is not the kind of the film that would set much store by common sense.

So the three get baby power all over their faces, get smacked by loaded diapers and lose their jobs because they can’t keep awake. Three grown men, don’t even know basic stuff and debate about what to get out of the fridge to feed the baby! Since this is ripped off from a foreign film, none of them have relatives, colleagues or friends with kids who can advise them about how to care for a baby.

They realise the importance of fatherhood when the baby almost dies due to their carelessness, and then they turn all weepy and mushy-hearted. The cuteness can’t last too long, and the baby’s mother Isha (Vidya Balan — the glam look fails) suddenly turns up and takes away Angel just when the three dudes decide they “can’t live without” the kid. Aroush had seduced “good girl” Isha on a dare and even when she finds out about it, she goes ahead and has the baby! Her father (Boman Irani) is the ‘villain’ of the piece because he told her the baby was dead.The three now go all out to get Angel back, trying all kinds of dumb stunts. Isha, who is the injured party, if at all, is portrayed as the hard-hearted “b**** ” who is keeping the child away from her doting dads.Vulgar, cheesy and utterly sexist, Hey Babyy would have been redeemed somewhat, if there were more genuinely humorous interludes like Ali pretending to be a character from Chupke Chupke, and the tribute to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, but sadly most of the gags are pathetic. The three actors do their best and their comic timing is fine, but you really can’t care for any of the characters; Isha comes off as the stupidest.What does the film say in the end — Ha ha, boys will be boys, even the aging dad, and women are brainless sex objects! As long as men can mix baby feed and change diapers, it doesn’t matter where they sow their wild oats!

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