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It must now be stale news that a tsunami effect is being created for Dasavatharam climax scene. Well, here’s the latest update. The scene was shot recently at a 50,000 sq. ft. area land in which a 100-ft. wall has been created near Muttukadu. Six machines, which can generate 20 ft. high waves, have been imported from the US.
The set, which was created for a whopping Rs. 3.5 crores, is said to compete with the likes of Hollywood’s Day After Tomorrow or Perfect storm.
Initially, the idea was to create this scene through graphics but the perfectionist in Kamal insisted on something realistic, more so because the idea may be mocked at with 7 of the 10 Kamals appearing in that particular scene. It is being rumored that in many of the sequences more than two Kamal Haasan make an appearance on the screen.
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With the climax already filmed, only one more scene is yet to be shot. It is the helicopter scene to be shot at the Nehru stadium and at many more landmark places in and around Chennai. The unit is planning this scene to utmost perfection but will be shot only after a much needed three-day rest for Kamal Haasan. The universal hero has said that he has never before worked so hard in any of films thus far.
Kamal Haasan goes through at least a three-hour make-up for every character he plays. And the make-up is not just for his face but for the entire body. The movie is said to have been shot for 280 days across the globe – from USA-Malaysia-Mumbai-Chennai. The cast and crew have had one of their best experiences while shooting and they will never forget these 280 days, sources say.
A chasing scene where a Police officer Kamal chases a baddie in Malaysian Airport, is said to have come out fantastically and when the chase is on, another Kamal Haasan character also chips in to help the police man Kamal. This scene is definitely going to bring the house down with claps.
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