Shivaji black and white film at Toronto

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Shivaji Chandrabhushan’s black and white film, frozen will be a part of discovery section of Toronto international film festival 2007.

The film is based on life in Ladakh and was shot in extreme conditions at height of 1500 ft above sea level with temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius. Shivajee had most of actors who could bear extreme climatic conditions and senior most was Danny Denozongpa.

Film was shot in black and white for interest of creativity. The film was actually shot in color and was converted to digital intermediate black and white in a lab in los angeles. Director had tried many labs in India to get black and white version but none gave him satisfied results so he walked to US and got excellent results.

The team had tough time shooting for film in Ladakh and carried everything along with them. It was tedious and expensive process of shooting film which completed in a month.

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