Kollywood Film's ready for Deepavali race

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Film : Azhakiya Tamizh Magan
Actors : Vijay (Duo Role), Sheriya, Namitha

Director : Bharathan

Story : Detective story. One Vijay can sense the future but cannot able to stop the problems. Second one interferes and solves the problems. "PonMagal Vanthal Porul Kodi" song is remixed in this film.

Film : Vel

Actors : Surya (Duo role), Asin, Vadivelu

Director : Hari

Story : Sixth sense can solve any problem which cannot be done by violence.

Film : Yevano Oruvan

Actors : Madhavan, Sangeetha, Seeman

Director : Nishikanth

Story : A middle class family man suffers in the society when facing the life. This film is remake of National award Marathi movie. Madhavan is producing this movie.

Film : Kannamoochi Yenada

Actors : Sathyaraj, Radhika, Prithiviraj, Sandhya.

Director : Priya . V.

Story : A love which should start at teen age starts at later age of a man's life. This is the story and this one is family based comedy film. In this film they have re-mixed the song "Andru Vanthathum Ithaey Nila" song.

Film : Machakaaran

Actors: Jeevan, Kamna

Director : Tamizhvaanan

Story : A guy who didnt get anything in a life and a girl who gets everything in her life meet each other. As usual both faces alot of problem when they meet each other.

Film : Pollathavan

Actors : Dhanush, Dhivya.

Direction : Vetrimaran

Story : Son loves his father alot, to fullfill his father's dream he face alot of problems in his life. To fullfill he become pollathavan 3 hours.

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