'Sushmita Sen Productions' will be producing feature films

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Right now, Sushmita Sen lives, eats, drinks and sleeps Rani Laxmibai. "Being the first product of my production house, Tantra Productions, Rani Laxmibai is something that I'm very ambitious about," she says.

"While Tantra Productions is the parent company, 'Sushmita Sen Productions' will be producing feature films. Tantra will be going into every sphere of entertainment, from television software to events management… all kinds of things to do with the creative process. There'll be different divisions of Tantra," says Sushmita.

At the moment, her swanky new production is focusing only on the historical project. "Sushmita Sen Productions is what we're focusing on right now. I'm working very hard to put the company's logistics in place,” says the actress-producer-director. “Going into direction wasn't something I had planned.

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Unfortunately or fortunately I can't think of anyone else who feels as strongly about Laxmibai. It's in the best interest of my film that the creative people I've on board must have a trustworthy name in the market."

Sushmita is restless. “I get only four to six hours of sleep these days. Fortunately, I am not facing the camera nowadays. So I don't care how I look." Dulha Mil Gaya is Sushmita's only acting assignment at the moment. "It's my genre of film and I'm very excited about it. By God's grace the film will be a decent precursor to Rani Laxmibai."

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Ankit said...

how can i contact the production house of susmita sen

this is Ankit Challa i am trained actor from barry john Did theatre with barry john & also did an upcomming feature film "Mast Curry