Swarnamalya MMS scandal problem

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It’s appalling the way new age technology is used to tarnish the name of celebrities by fraudsters who believe that once celebrities go on screen, they are public property and one can just go about doing or saying anything without fear of retribution.

Blurred images and hazy videos of are circulated over the net and via MMS and the barely distinguishable forms are said to be one actress or another. These pictures and videos are invariably scandalous; even though most often they are mere look-alikes of the actresses, they still manage to mar their images.

Being subject to such trials come with the territory of being popular, but people who circulate such wrong information should be given lessons in morality and etiquette.

Swarnamalya, who was already in a sorry MMS scandal, seems to have landed in one yet again! This time it’s a picture of her lip locked with an unidentified man.

While the actress has struck back saying the picture could easily be a morph, the actual question is ‘so what’! As an audience, we must realize that even our dearest stars are human and would like to have a private life that they would like to keep private! While we sympathize with the innocent artistes who get entangled in this vicious web, we also wonder ‘When will the prying stop?’

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