Mandira tried explaining to the cleanliness-conscious lady

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Mandira Bedi recently experienced a strange, ironic moment while shooting for Mumbai Chakachak. The film’s cast and crew, including Rahul Bose and Cyrus Broacha, were shooting at a prominent seaside location in Mumbai, when a lady who was taking a walk stopped to reprimand Mandira and the crew for dirtying the area. The funny thing is, the film is trying to convey that very same message to citizens!

“It’s all going to be picked up ma’am,” Mandira tried explaining to the cleanliness-conscious lady. Permissions have been taking from the BMC,” to which the lady retorted, “To dirty the place?” Mandira continued, “We haven’t wrapped up our shoot yet. All of this will be cleaned up once we do.”

But the lady, too annoyed at the mess to listen to reason, stormed off. Looks like Mumbai Chakachak is getting people charged up about cleanliness even before hitting theatres.

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