Kollywood Actress Sneha - New face look as Bhavani

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Kollywood Actress Sneha - New face look as Bhavani

"This is going to be a completely novel experience for me. So far I have done only very feminine roles in films like Sri Ramadasu and Radha Gopalam but in Bhavani, I am playing a very tough character," says Sneha about her new film which is being shot in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously.

She will be dressed in khaki for the first time just as Vijayashanti did in Kartavyam. In fact, this film, Bhavani, is based on the lines of Karthvyam. The well-known actor Kota is playing a major role in the film.

Sneha adds, “When the director narrated the script to me, I could not believe it. At first, I asked him if he was serious about making the film with me or if he was teasing me.

After he confirmed that he wanted to do the film with me, I agreed as I thought it would give me a new image. I am eagerly waiting for the movie’s release to see myself in this new role.”

The director has confirmed that the film is almost complete. “We are planning to release the movie in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously, very soon,” he said.

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